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June 15 2017

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not sure if kookie was expecting that one

Bonus: happy kook


(170615) naver 

according to this articleOnew recently starred in Heize’s upcoming new MV. The article says that he will appear as  male lead, the mv was shot earlier this month. Heize’s album is said to be released monday June 26th!! Although it’s still unclear if the mv will come out at the same time as the album!

trans. (i) (ii) (iii)


When you want to re-read that one specific fanfic but you can’t find it anywhere..

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I haven’t posted any of my art on here in 85 years but here’s something I just finished.. idk



I wanna believe that dragons existed, due to seeing them in all cultures, but I also want to believe that humanity all looked at a lizard and simultaneously said
“Can I get that in a large?”

can i get a fuckin uuuuuhh

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Honey in my heart


I dreamt last night
oh marvelous error,
that there were
honeybees in my heart,
making honey out of my
old failures.

-Antonio Machado

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Cherry Bomb 🍒💣 // MV ; Close-Ups

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if u are ever in a bad mood just remember when bob ross put squirrels in his shirt pocket so they could watch him work in the joy of painting


What did we do to deserve him

what this post fails to mention is that these are baby squirrels he was HAND-RAISING with his wife when they found them abandoned and in one episode he showed footage of the squirrels being bottle-fed

this man was the most legit thing in the world.



lets all agree that going up stairs on all fours is actually the best experience of the whole earth

Conversely, going down stairs on all fours is actually the most terrifying experience of the whole earth.

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But the government would rather have more people in prison than educated people



Beyonce will show those babies next September we will.never know.their birthdays

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