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October 23 2017

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080918 ⭐ 9 years since SHINee’s 1st win 🏆💖

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Our maknae turns 23 #happykrystalday

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get to know me meme10 favorite actors ♡ So Ji Sub [6/10] 

October 17 2017

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Sunmi in Paris 

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The homeowner said the buck shows up everyday, so they gave him a bed, too.

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I just learned that ed sheeran is the same age as Choi Minho and if that’s not proof that god picks favorites idk what is

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October 16 2017

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Like the choreo is probably my favorite part of the MV. It’s neither masculine nor feminine. It plays up to Taemin’s strength quite well, which are androgyny and sensuality. This is how you make a choreo to elevate the artistry of the song.

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TAEMIN // MOVE (with Koharu Sugawara)

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MOVE choreography

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